Since early 2014, I have been working as a China correspondent for several European newspapers and magazines. I also love to make radio reports. In the Portfolio a selection of my work in China until now, is on display. Before moving to China, I was a traveling freelance journalist and writer.

Between 2008 and 2011 I worked at the foreign news desk of the Dutch national news broadcaster NOS. I received a BA in Journalism and an MA in International Affairs in Historical Perspective at the University of Utrecht. In South Africa, I studied political science, philosophy and history at Rhodes University.

* The name Eefje is a Dutch variation to Eva. To avoid unnecessary tongue twisting I use Eva outside of the Dutch language areas. But for a long time, my credit line in The Netherlands was Eefje Rammeloo.


Het geluk van de Chinezen

A compilation of my Dutch language reports was published in April 2017, titled Het geluk van de Chinezen (The happiness of the Chinese). For now, the book is only available in Dutch. It can be purchased in bookstores in The Netherlands and Belgium, as well as online. The publisher presented the book as follows, in…


A reconstruction of the tumultuous lives of Titia and Helmut. A young woman went on a holiday to Germany in 1942 and found the love of her live. This sums up my motive to write this novel: these facts alone always carried the promise of an exceptional story. However, the circumstances and the consequences that came…

Eva Rammeloo

China correspondent